Terms of Trade

SensiStop! is a homeopathic remedy, approved for sale in the EU.

For further information or questions about existing information please send an email to lr@sensistop.dk or contact +45

2511 9090.


Presentation of goods together with a price on SensiStop.dk is not a binding offer, but just an invitation to make an offer. Buyer's ordering of goods on SensiStop.dk does not constitute a binding acceptance but, on the contrary, a binding offer to SensiStop.dk to purchase the item on the stated terms.

A binding agreement between the buyer and SensiStop.dk is only concluded when SensiStop.dk accepts an offer confirmed by the buyer.



The risk of accidental accidents or deterioration:

Only at the time when the ordered goods have come into the possession of the buyer is the risk that the ordered goods will be destroyed or damaged due to accidental accidents to the buyer.


In case of purchase, the following applies: Complaints must be made immediately after receipt and the buyer is thus required to check the item as soon as possible after receipt.

Disclaimer and Warranty:

Information about the ordered goods from websites is not included in the description of the items ordered in the agreement between the buyer and SensiStop.dk, so the goods meet the buyer's expectations if they correspond to the company's own description.

Seller is not liable for direct or indirect loss as a result of the goods ordered late arriving at the buyer or the items ordered suffer from defects when the delay or defects are due to the buyer's act or omission or circumstances beyond SensiStop's control, eg war, insurgency, unrest, fire, government intervention, seizure, currency restrictions, labor conflicts of all kinds, including strike and lockout, or the like.

SensiStop.dk does not provide an independent warranty for the items ordered, and the buyer only obtains the guarantees that the manufacturer issues to the buyer.


In accordance with applicable legislation.

Goods returned unfranco or upon request are denied reception. When returning, please use Post Nord - not alternative package distributors - as it allows tracking the item if it should be lost during return shipping. You should ship the item properly packaged and please write clearly that you wish to make use of the right of withdrawal and that you therefore wish to receive a refund of the item's price.

These return rules apply to all items sold as distance sales (for private) - this does not apply to goods sold to companies.

 The website www.sensistop.dk is run by the company: SensiStop!