Information about SensiStop!

We can see that quite a lot people order 1 bottle. We have chosen to remove this option as one can not expect to see the effect after just 1 month of use. The option of purchasing a single bottle is more intended as a continuation of an ongoing process. Many have had their health problems for years and therefore must expect a course with SensiStop! lasting for months - you are always welcome to contact us if you have questions - it´s free :)

Directions on the bottle label

We advise you to continue as long as you have symptoms:

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Only restriction: You should not ingest anything 10 minutes before and after the drops

SensiStop! can be used alongside with all kinds of treatment

SensiStop! can be used for allergy, asthma, eczema, candida and periodontitis


Cancellation of doctor-prescribed medicine is always a doctor's decision!

If you have any questions, please mail: - - or call +45 2511 9090 – apply throughout the course