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SensiStop! has been on the DK-marked since 1981.

Many thousand people and animals have since then been though a treatment course with this remedy.

SensiStop! is a homeopathic drug, which means that the ingredients are diluted many thousands of times, and that it is non-toxic - no side effects have been reported since we started selling the product.

The remedy is in droplet form and 8 drops are taken 3 times daily outside meals.

Regarding dogs and horses, the procedure is a little different - contact us.

SensiStop! can be used by everyone, however, lower dosage is used for small children - if SensiStop! is intended for young children, please contact us - the product is also available on glycerol basis. This variant has a sweet taste that makes it much easier for children to ingest.

It is important to emphasize that SensiStop! can be used in conjunction with any prescribed medicine, and termination with this is always a doctor's decision.

Storage: in room temperature, not in direct sunlight. You can use an ordinary teaspoon for intake of the drops.

If you want to know more about SensiStop!: Click here.

Best regards, Lars Rudbeck - lr@sensistop.dk - +45 25 11 90 90